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gFT group secures funding for further development on Composite Glass Units

last modified Jul 29, 2018 03:52 PM

Dr Mauro Overend and Dr Carlos Pascual have secured 1-year research funding from EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account Follow-on Fund to perform research on the up-scaling of Composite Glass Units (CGUs) for cladding of real-world buildings. In this project gFT researchers will work in close collaboration with major industrial partners (Interpane, ARUP, Fiberline and Koemmerling) to develop new production and design methods for CGUs as well as to demonstrate the performance and durability of this new component. Prototype panels will be produced, exhibited and installed on the façade of the façade test facility at Cambridge. This funding follows the previous 2-year EPSRC funded research (Bright Ideas Awards) during which gFT researchers demonstrated the basic feasibility of designing lightweight, robust and form-adaptable FRP-glass Composite Structures for load-bearing and energy efficient building envelopes.

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