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Glass & Façade Technology Research Group


gFT members Dr. Mauro Overend,  Alessandra Luna-Navarro and Mark Allen, in collaboration wiith Prof. Tim Ibell, Dr. John Orr, Mr. Paul Fidler and Dr. James Talbot had secured fundings for £25 k from the Center for Digital Built Britain (CDBB). The research fundings were won for the development of "Building Impulse Tookit - BIT", a Mini-Project which looks at how digital technologies impact the built environment, and how society might be affected by the changes which may follow from the employment of these technologies.

The principal novel aspect of this research project is the creation of a ‘toolkit’ of digital sensors and other methods for capturing overall occupant response in terms of comfort, satisfaction, productivity and well‐being. The toolkit consists of a range of existing sensors and additional devices that together capture the wide effects of novel resource‐efficient technologies, such as the user responses to automatic façade systems and the effects of material‐efficient structures on occupant productivity and well‐ being.